Mandatory conditions:


Please explicitly ensure that all your health, mental and physical conditions, including all medications/ drugs/ supplement use or allergies, are clearly revealed before any treatment. If you have a pacemaker, heart, blood/ other diseases, use prescription or some over counter drugs/ medicine, our procedures may not be suitable for you. Possible minor bruising, pain, discomfort or swelling with any procedure may occur with acupuncture, injections, lasers or surgery. 


You agree that we will not be deemed liable for any losses or aberrations related to our opinions/treatments; especially, but not limited to, unforeseeable circumstances, lack of compliance or due to natural/physiological causes. If in doubt, please ask before commencement.


Norwegian bokmål communication is at the basic level.  Our condition is that you must agree that English is the basis of all communication. *Please ask if you have any doubt or question.*


This agreement is binding for the entire period of our professional relationship.

Please be advised that skin doctor will not be seeing any patients until 31 August 2020. 



Emailing is the best way. Sometimes we don't have time to answer the phone. We can usually fit you in on the same week.


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