Dr. Lee

Dr.Lee is a specialist in dermatology, surgery and venerology, licensed in Norway. He has a Doctoris Medicinae Degree and Master in Health Planning with Associate Fellowship of the College of Health Executive (Australia and NZ). He has also completed additional specialised training in Aesthetic and Laser Dermatology (Riga 2008) and certified as Expert Level 1-2 in the use of injectable fillers with Radiesse (London, 2012).


Dr. Lee consults for general dermatology as well as treats sexual diseases. Dr.Lee has many years of international experience and treated many skin types ranging from chinese, vietnamese, arabic, black, hispanic and european. He has significant experience in treating rashes, pimples, itches and aging/sagging skin. He have additional training to perform high power computer digital scanning of moles, cysts and other skin conditions.   He has a certificate from the University of Paris with additional skills to perform oncological, dermatological and plastic surgery for the removal of nails, moles, warts, infections etc.   He has working experience in Asia/US/Canada/Australia/Saudi; additionally, he had 4 years of intensive acupuncture training in Hong Kong. Dr. Lee was trained in Hong Kong to also provide deep high power skin cleaning for persistent acne and other recalcitrant skin conditions. We are proud to say that several of our  patients with persistant acne and fungal infections for many years without relief had  been cured after   about  5 treatments with hydrovac and acupuncture.


His Medicinae Doctoris research thesis was in sexually transmitted diseases. His Master degree was in health planning with a focus in regulatory affairs and epidemiology. Additionally, Dr. Lee has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (NSW Australia 1996) to treat sexual trauma, phobias and painful conditions.


Dr. Lee can speak basic Norwegian but to avoid any misunderstanding English/Chinese is preferred.




Certificate of Aesthetic, Laser and Plastic Surgery from University of Latvia

Radiesse Aesthetic Filler Expert Level 1 and 2 London, UK.

Certificate in Oncology, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery from University of Paris, France

Certificate in IPL, Laser and Aesthetic Treatments from University of Bergen, Norway

Diploma Clinical Hypnosis (NSW, Australia 1996)

Please be advised that skin doctor will not be seeing any patients until 31 August 2020. 



Emailing is the best way. Sometimes we don't have time to answer the phone. We can usually fit you in on the same week.


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