Dr. Lee consults for general dermatology as well as treats sexual diseases. Dr.Lee has many years of international experience and treated many skin types ranging from european, chinese, vietnamese, arabic, black and hispanic. He has significant experience in treating rashes, pimples, itches and aging/sagging skin. Dr. Lee has working experience in Asia/US/Canada/Australia/Saudi; additionally, he had 4 years of intensive acupuncture training in Hong Kong.


  • Infeksjon, inkl. bakteriell, viral, sopp, kløe, utslett, vorter, hudpleie
  • Seksuelle Problemer: traumer, voldtekt, fobier, smertefulle tilstander
  • Venerology (seksuelt trasmitted sykdommer / problemer)
  • Akne, eksem, psoriasis
  • Høyeffektiv hud eksamen ved dermatoskop
  • Føflekk undersøkelse/ fjerning;
  • Kirurgisk/ kjemisk fjerning av føflekker, cyster, hud koder
  • Seksuelt overførbare sykdommer
  • Akupressur, akupunktur med eller uten nåler
  • Bryst Management - Elektrisk omforming og styrking.
  • Kviser Behandling.


  • Dermatology: Itch, Rash, Sores, Pimples, viral, fungal, bacterial infections, warts, skin care, scabies, mites etc.
  • Venerology (sexually trasmitted diseases/problems)
  • Sexual Problems: trauma, rape, phobias, painful conditions
  • Total body surface mapping and monitor changes for moles
  • Digital dermascope (up to 230X) magnified examination of skin
  • Aesthetic/ beauty consultation for fillers, wrinkles, scars
  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis, nails discolor, brittle, ingrown nails
  • Surgical/chemical removal moles, cysts, skin tags
  • Traditional/electric Acupuncture, acupressure --pain, immunity problems, acne, stress, beauty
  • Breast Management -- Electrical reshaping/strengthening/feeding problems, nipple inversion, lumps, post implant
  • Pimples Management -- Hydrojet deep cleaning antiseptic/antibotic

We do not need referal from General doctor/ Family doctor (fastlege)

Please be advised that skin doctor will not be seeing any patients until 31 August 2020. 



Emailing is the best way. Sometimes we don't have time to answer the phone. We can usually fit you in on the same week.


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