Nails, Hair and Breast care

Nails Management


  • Surgical management ingrown nails
  • Medical management fungal/discoloration nails
  • Brittle/damaged nails
  • Infection in nail beds
  • Nails pitting/grooves/indentations


Hair Management


  • Dandraff
  • Brittle hair
  • Itchy scalp
  • Medical/Beauty advice
  • Split ends and health of hair


Breast Care Services


  • Beauty care and reshaping of breast contours
  • Non-surgical management
  • Electrical muscular and skin tone improvement
  • Postnatal and breast feeding issues with skin
  • Ductal congestion/lumping/flow difficulty during breast feeding period
  • Posture and chest wall/pectorial muscles improvement
  • Inverted nipples and difficulty breast feeding
  • Nipples conditioning to prepare for breast feeding
  • Painful conditions


Please be advised that skin doctor will not be seeing any patients until 31 August 2020. 



Emailing is the best way. Sometimes we don't have time to answer the phone. We can usually fit you in on the same week.


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